Jiaganj Institute of Education & Training
Proposed Bhagirathi Primary Teachers Training Institute
Skill Development Training
P.O. & P.S - Jiaganj
Dist. Murshidabad
PIN-742123 ( West Bengal )
Phone No. : 03483-256100/256200
Mobile No : 9434529777,9434337351,9434337304
About a quarter of human population continues to live in poverty and hunger, despite they possess the resources and the technology to make their life better. One can use the resources and the technology in the best possible way only if he is educated. Poverty, illiteracy and ignorance these three interrelated crisis continues to be the most important problem of our country. Again illiteracy lies at the core of these crises, because education can only eradicate all these problems.

A group of like minded individuals sprouting from different professions joined together to root out poverty and bring prosperity in the society. Their heart deeply moved when they saw many a promising student could not continue higher education because of poverty and when a girl is forced to get married at an early age leaving her education half done. They were utterly anguished to see that their native land, once a big business centre has lost its earlier glory. ‘Something needs to be done’ – was the only thought that hunted them all the time. At that time they decided to form the society with a lofty ideal of spreading good and quality education to the students of the locality and with this generating employment opportunity and there by boosting the local economy. With this objective they founded Jiaganj Education and Welfare Society at Jiaganj in the year 2008.
We have completed three years of our journey with satisfactory experience. But we are not complacent. Our step towards spreading education to all seems to be inadequate when we see the magnitude of hunger, poverty,